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Call Us Today
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What We Do

We know how much your trees mean to you... and what a great asset they are to the value of your property...

We can help you increase the value of your property

Secure your home investment! Stronger, healthier trees and shrubs means you care about your home, your surroundings, your way of life. A beautiful, well-cared for landscape of healthy trees and foliage protects your investment and actually helps increase property value. Zimmerman Tree Service will show you how!

Trees a bit droopy?

Let us talk to them!

Florida trees need more care

Rapid and continuous tree, foliage and shrub growth in the of life in South Florida. As is heavy rain, cold snaps, super dry spells and damp heat. Zimmerman Tree Service people are the experts in Florida landscape care. They can preserve the beauty, health and long life of your plantings because they understand South Florida weather and environmental problems.

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